Health & Well-Being Days

Health and Well-Being Days are available to clients wanting to promote good health and provide a benefit to employees.

We have a wide range of services including:

Naturopaths, who can provide one to one consultations and training/promotional sessions with hand outs on sleep deprivation, irritable bowel syndrome, relieve stress through nutrition, skin allergies, food allergies and allergy testing.

Yoga teachers and Pilates teachers who can provide ‘at desk’ or ‘in classroom’ yoga techniques to reduce stress and enhance concentration

Masseuse can be provided at ‘the desk’ or with portable massage tables/chairs providing indian health massage, back and neck massage to reduce tension, ease musculo-skeletal issues and we can see 20 people in a one day session.

Reiki and reflexology can also be provided on site, as ways of providing techniques for relaxation and treatment of many conditions. Reflexology can be provided on the hands or on the feet.

We can provide juice bikes, aromatherapy, physiotherapy, and many more, all available in the workplace. One or more therapists can be provided per day or we can provide a regular weekly/monthly well-being session alternating the therapies provided.

Please see our individual pages listed under this heading for more details.

For further information or to receive a quote, please use our online enquiry form.

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