First Aid

First aid training available on site to enable first aiders to respond to medical issues in the workplace.

This will include:

  • Management of bodily fluids/blood loss.
  • Reduction of spread of infection.
  • Mouth to mouth resuscitation.
  • Process for keeping person safe whilst calling Emergency Services.
  • Use of Defibrillator.
  • Certificate in First Aid.

Mental Health first aid training also available, this is a new form of First Aid on site, where training is provided in:

  • Recognising stress and anxiety in others
  • Training managers to understand and manage stress and mental health issues
  • Providing ‘safe spaces’ for those with personality or anxiety issues.
  • Helping all employees manage the impact of mental health in the workplace and encouraging those suffering to feel secure in the workplace with day to day support where required.
  • Reporting to Emergency Services when critical incident occurs.
  • Certificate in Mental Health First Aid.

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