Ill-health Referrals

Occupational health referrals are a part of everyday working life.

Those returning to work after illness or injury need to be assessed under the Equality Act 2010 to ensure correct procedures and support are provided to employees.

Assessment of the workplace or work role are reviewed and advice given for graded return to work or changes to the workplace/work role.

  • Access to Nationwide Occupational Health Consultants.
  • Telephone consultations by OHA or OHP
  • Skype consultations
  • Paper-base referrals where we write to GP/Consultants for reports and provide advice to the company.
  • Home visits and Site visits by OH nurses or doctors.
  • HR portal so all referrals can be easily accessed and tracked, with appointments made within one week and reports provided to employee and client within 48 hours.
  • International and Global consultations available either locally or through Skype.
  • Pay as you go option available.
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