Online Questionnaires

New starter questionnaires are available either online, as a scan, email, or postal service.

Each questionnaire is assessed by health professionals and fit certificates provided.

Should the employee have a medical history or current medical problem then further assessment by telephone or writing to their GP or Consultant may be required.

Fitness with recommendations and whether an employee would be covered under the Equality Act 2010 would then be provided to the employer to enable support and possible changes to the working environment or work role if required.

Our OH portal enables HR to give a link to employees, track the progress of each employee and the status of their forms.

The OH portal also covers OH referrals if required.

Health care worker questionnaires are available with Vaccination status checking.

Driver, food handler and night-worker questionnaires also available.

Please see our individual pages listed under this heading for more details.

For further information or to receive a quote, please use our online enquiry form.

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