Everyone working Company Health and Empathy UK Limited must keep information about you confidential, so that you feel able to talk to us freely.
Also by law, we must protect information about you.
We can supply information to other people or organisations only:

  • With your consent, or
  • In accordance with the principles of medical confidentiality here described.
    This does not apply if you cannot be identified from the information.
    There are strict rules to prevent people being identified by mistake.
    We have to comply with court orders. If they require us to break confidentiality, we will resist this as strongly as legally possible.

    What if I have concerns or complaints?
    You may want more details than we can give here.
    You are entitled to have copies of all your medical records that we have on file and you only have to request these in writing under Subject Access Request.
    Your records are managed in line with the Data Protection Act 1988.

    If you have a complaint please address this to:
    The Data Protection Officer
    Co Health Ltd/Empathy UK Limited
    6 Bourlet Close
    W1W 7BN

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